Megalist of Small-Batch Jams & Condiment Producers

With a wonderful choice of jams and condiments from boutique producers right here in Australia we are truly lucky!

Welcome to the megalist of Australian Jam & Condiement producers!

One of the secrets to making great jam is to keep production to small batches at a time. This tends to ensure that the batch can be monitored carefully when being prepared, while also ensuring the ingredients are evenly spread throughout. While it's often considered appropriate to use second-rate fruit, using good quality ingredients also helps a huge amount too.

One of the main criteria I have used when creating this site has been to find local producers, who sell online, and clearly have a passion for their product. Preferencing organic ingredients, at least to me, is an essential part of the process too.

So here below is the megalist of Australian producers of fine jam and condiments. These make a great gift idea, and noting the products don't spoil during transit, as long as you're in Australia you'll find the vast majority of these producers will be happy to deliver to your door!